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TOUR - Medical Springs & Fourslide Stamping Plant - Beyond Average - Springfield Spring & Stamping
TOUR - Medical Springs & Fourslide Stamping Plant - Beyond Average - Springfield Spring & Stamping
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Medical Spring Manufacturer compression springs & more - Springfield Spring & Stamping - Bristol CT
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Magazine Springs for engineered ammunition delivery - Springfield Spring - East Longmeadow, MA
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Medical Springs, Wire Forms & Stampings from an ISO-13485 Certified MBE - Springfield Spring
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Prototyping (DFM) with smart spring prototyping - Springfield Spring & Stamping - Bristol, CT
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Low Cost - High Value Spring Manufacturer - Springfield Spring & Stamping - East Longmeadow, MA
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Need a spring manufacturer with zero defects? - Springfield Spring & Stamping - Bristol, CT
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Critical to function wire and spring components - Springfield Spring & Stamping
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Square wire double torsion springs, more firsts from Springfield Spring - Bristol CT
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Turning ideas into engineered spring & wire solutions- challenge us - Springfield Spring & Stamping
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Helping keep Otis Elevator customers happy through their ups and downs - Springfield Spring
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Helping Design Engineers Create Transformational Breakthrough Devices -Springfield Spring & Stamping
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If you are looking for actual spring experts, engineers who problem solve and manufacture custom solutions...

then you are in the right place.

Custom Compression, Extension, Torsion springs

Wireforms & Metal Stampings

extension springs
torsion springs
compression springs
magazine springs for firearms
fourslide metal stampings
custom wire forming
Brackets, Clips & Battery Contacts
Air Filter Holding Frame Clips / Hardware

Spring Design & Cost Reduction Assistance

Springfield Spring & Stamping offers spring design and engineering assistance to our customers at no additional charge. As your outsourced engineering partner, we can often save you time and money, minimize mistakes and decrease the “time-to-market” of your products.

Use our exclusive Early Design Intervention Team (EDIT) at the initial stages of your product development to help facilitate the process. Our complete Model Shop Department can assist in the manufacture of short-run prototypes for fit, function, and design verification. For assistance on the design of compression/extension and torsion springs, use our online Design-A-Spring RFQ tool.

You can also:

E-mail your drawings to us at:

Cost Reduction Program

Don’t pay more than you need to for your spring components! Springfield Spring & Stamping’s Supplier Value Analysis (SVA) cost reduction program can help your company save money on each step of the production of your spring products.

This custom cost reduction process is extremely proactive—our engineers evaluate every step of the process, from spring design and fabrication to packaging and stocking, and look for ways to save you money.

In many instances, savings can be realized through alternative materials, manufacturing techniques, tolerances, plating options; economic run quantities; packaging methods; stocking programs; and overall logistics.

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