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For the Firearms Industry we also are leaders in Magazine springs:

A magazine spring is a type of spring used in firearms to push up the ammunition in the magazine, allowing the firearm to feed the rounds into the chamber. It is typically made from a long, thin wire that is coiled in a helical shape and placed inside the magazine. When the rounds are removed from the magazine, the spring is compressed, and as the rounds are added back into the magazine, the spring pushes the rounds back up to the top of the magazine.


They can be designed to have a constant spring rate, meaning the force will remain consistent over the entire range of compression, or a variable spring rate, meaning the force will change as the spring is compressed. Additionally, magazine springs can be designed to have a specific load or compression range depending on the application.

The size and strength of magazine springs vary depending on the caliber and design of the firearm. Some firearms use a single spring while others use multiple springs to ensure reliable feeding of rounds. It's important to use the right spring for your firearm to ensure proper function, and it's always recommended to check the manufacturer's specifications for the correct spring for your firearm.

Standard Coil Springs: These are the most common type of magazine spring, and are made from a single coil of wire. They are affordable and easy to find.

Extra Power Springs: These springs are designed to increase the spring force of the magazine, which can be useful in certain situations. They are typically made from a thicker wire than standard coil springs.

Variable Power Springs: These springs have different sections with varying spring rates, allowing for a more consistent feeding of rounds.

Flat Wire Springs: These springs are made from a flat piece of wire, and are more resistant to fatigue and wear than standard coil springs.

Stainless Steel Springs: Made from stainless steel, which makes them more resistant to corrosion.

Chrome Silicon Springs: High-performance springs that are made from a chrome silicon alloy, which allows them to maintain their strength and shape even after repeated cycles of compression and relaxation.

Titanium Springs: These springs are extremely durable and lightweight, and are often used in high-performance applications.


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